Sun 6 Mar 2022

PBS Studio 5 Live has always been synonymous with recordings and performances that are unique, eclectic and truly unmissable. In these COVID times we’ve had to think outside the square a little to be able to bring listeners experiences that simply can’t be found anywhere but PBS.  For the next Studio 5 Live presentation we’re delighted to bring listeners a recent recording from one of Australia’s most progressive new contemporary art spaces – Phoenix Central Park in Sydney.  

On February 17 three of Australia’s most forward-thinking improvising pianists – Chris Abrahams (The Necks), Adrian Lim-Klumpes (Triosk, Tangents) and Novak Manojlovic (2019 Freedman Jazz Fellow) – came together in the one space to create music drawn from the ether, but realised on instruments made through history. As 3 Pianos, the trio played across three pianoas including a contemporary Fazioli concert grand, an 1853 Erard fortepiano, and a Bluthner baby grand restyled by Poul Henningsen in 1931.  It’s no exaggeration to suggest that this performance simply could not have happened at any other time, nor is it likely to ever happen again within this intersection of architecture, artistry and instrumentation.


Importantly, thanks to Phoenix Central Park and our Studio 5 Live partners Mountain Goat Beer, PBS will be presenting a recording of this one-off spontaneous composition during Hannah McKittrick’s Soak, 7pm Sunday March 6.  Tune in to experience this hypnotic, magical performance and immerse yourself in a three-way musical conversation like no other.

More info about Phoenix Central Park can be found here.

All photos taken by Jordan Munns.

PBS Studio 5 Live is proudly presented by Mountain Goat Beer.