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The Breakfast Spread: Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Jess Cornelius | Love And Low Self Esteem
Alice Skye | Poetry By Text | Single
Archie Roach | Munjana | Charcoal Lane 25th Anniversary Edition

Brown Spirits | Lysergic Library | Brown Spirits
Godspeed You! Black Emperor | Undoing A Luciferian Towers

Suzannah Espie | Mother's Not Feeling Herself Today | Mother's Not Feeling Herself Today
Chris Russel's Chicken Walk | Someday My Sun Gonna Shine
Billy Bragg | Suffiya Smiles | Bridges Not Walls

Tinariwen | Sastanaqqam | Elwan
Wayo | Kpaningbo | Trane Percussion Masters of South Sudan

7am NEWS

George Telek | Lili Ram Kavavar | Songs From A Bit Na Ta George Telek. David Bridie & musicians of the Gunantuna
Horatio Luna | Nectar | Local Honey

Sampa The Great | Bye River | Birds and the BEE9
Hailu Mergia & The Walias | Yemiasleks Fikir | Awesome Tapes Of Africa
The Senegambian Jazz Band | Yombo Yombo | The Senegambian
Jazz Band

7:30 NEWS

Mod Con | Do it Right Margo | Single
Heron Oblivion | Beneath Fields | Heron Oblivion

Endless Boogie | Smokin Figs in the Yard
Run DMC | Peter Piper | Raising Hell

La Luz | Morning High | It's Alive

8am NEWS

Farhad Bandesh Band | Flee From War (Our Rights) | Single
NOTS | Anxious Trend | Single
Angel Olsen | Fly On Your Wall | Phases

Trentmoller | Vamp | Single
Kangaroo Skull | Black Shore | Domestic Documents 2

8:30 NEWS

Reuben Ingall & David Finnigan | Australia 2050 | Kill Climate Deniers

*State Of The Art IV w/ Refuge artist Latai Taumoepeau & Arts House producer Tara Prowse re: Refuge at Arts House*

Reuben Ingall & David Finnigan | Opening Credits | Kill Climate Deniers
U.S Girls | Navy & Cream | Half Free

Arts House - Refuge

Arts House - Refuge

This week on State of the Art, Tara and Latai from the Arts House's latest show, Refuge, join Nick & Beth to talk about the piece and it's takeover this Saturday.

From hurricanes to heatwaves, recent global events have shown the need for cities to continue to plan and prepare for extreme climate events. An urgent and critical global problem cities face is how to prepare for, adapt to and recover from such events, particularly in a way that is humane, dignified and equitable.

This Saturday November 11 the Arts House will transform into an Emergency Relief Centre, bringing together artists, local communities and the emergency and health sectors to prepare for the imminent impacts of climate change.

Home to Arts House, the North Melbourne Town Hall is one of 18 Emergency Relief Centres in the City of Melbourne that may be used during a climate related event such as a heatwave or flood.

As Melbourne’s hub of contemporary and experimental art, Arts House will bring together artists, emergency services, scientists, First Nations elders and community to collaborate and rehearse what a creative response to an extreme climate event could look like.

This year Refuge will explore the increasing possibility of a heatwave – five consecutive days over 40°C – where seven artists will innovatively participate and respond to the running of an Emergency Relief Centre.

Head here for more info.

Tune in to The Breakfast Spread Wednesday morning from 6am.


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