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Mon 1 Jul 2024

Punk funk four-piece Proto Moro experiment with delving into the extended techniques of their instruments to create textures that are new and exciting for all listeners. 

Taking influences from a mixture of genres such as funk, punk, techno, psychedelic rock, metal and spiritual jazz, the band create heavily smooth stylings that will leave you both bewildered and entranced.

Mon 24 Jun 2024 to Sun 30 Jun 2024

This week’s PBS Feature Album is New Motion by local rockers The Double Agents.

Returning with their long-awaited third studio album, New Motion is a powerful recording evoking directness and immediacy, marking The Double Agents' first release of new material in nearly two decades. 

Mon 17 Jun 2024 to Sun 23 Jun 2024

This week’s PBS Feature Album is This But More by Priori.

Francis Latreille's evolution as Priori seems deeply intertwined with a commitment to exploring new sonic territories and collaborative endeavors. This But More appears poised to be a significant milestone, blending elements of dubby techno with ambient textures, and drawing inspiration from a rich tapestry of sources, including literature, cinema, and the natural world. 


Sun 16 Jun 2024

The Reclink Community Cup returns for another massive year in 2024, uniting music and media in support of community well-being! Get your tickets here.

Bringing together the vibrant Naarm/Melbourne music scene in the rugged Rockdogs and the spirited community of Triple R 102.7FM & PBS 106.7FM radio in the mighty Megahertz for a day of grassroots football and live music on Sunday June 16. 

Fri 14 Jun 2024

A recent PBS Feature Album, Karate Boogaloo's Hold Your Horses is a journey from start to finish, each tune melding seamlessly into the next. The band's sophomore album is a document of Karate Boogaloo’s distinct interpretation of instrumental funk; respectfully building on a legacy of soul music whilst remaining unimpeachably unique and authentic.

Mon 10 Jun 2024 to Sun 16 Jun 2024

This week’s PBS Feature Album is Alibi, the sophomore album by Naarm/Melbourne future soul artist Emma Volard.

Emma has never shied away from being a warrior for inclusivity, and these themes are often at the forefront of their storytelling. Alibi sees Emma stepping confidently into their own sonic world, expanding further on their introspective storytelling and pushing the limits of the future soul sound.


Thu 6 Jun 2024

Recorded across three sessions over the last three years, Parsnip's sophomore album Behold is a testament to the band at their most creative, catchy and collaborative. Parsnip write songs as a form of communion with the intangible in our increasingly delusory world, but there is always a gentle reminder; don’t take anything too seriously! 

After recently returning from an overseas tour in Japan, and ahead of launching Behold at Brunswick Ballroom on Friday June 7, Parsnip stop by PBS for an exclusive Studio 5 Live performance.

Mon 3 Jun 2024 to Sun 9 Jun 2024

This week’s PBS Feature Album is Senseless Acts of Beauty, the highly anticipated debut album by Rowena Wise.

The Naarm/Melbourne based artist is known for creating music ruminating on love, alienation, and self-empowerment. A new zenith, Rowena's songs are full of emotional depth, and by allowing a searing honesty to run throughout, she’s being true to herself and the listener, holding space for all of life’s wonder and mess. Over the album’s 10 tracks, she offers heady ruminations on love, loss, and alienation yet counters them with warmth, courage, and empowerment. 

Tue 28 May 2024

Big Name, No Blankets Band are set to visit PBS for a very special Studio 5 Live performance Tuesday May 28 on Firewater. Featuring descendants of the Warumpi Band, the Big Name, No Blankets Band has been specially formed for the ILBIJERRI Theatre Company's production of the same name which is part of this year's RISING Festival

Mon 27 May 2024 to Sun 2 Jun 2024

This week’s PBS Feature Album is Hold Your Horses, the sophomore album by Naarm locals Karate Boogaloo.

Following on from the cult classic Carn The Boogers, Hold Your Horses is a document of Karate Boogaloo’s distinct interpretation of instrumental funk; respectfully building on a legacy of soul music whilst remaining unimpeachably unique and authentic.