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Fantastic Planet (1973)
Tue 5 May 2020

Sound and Vision is a weekly segment on The Breakfast Spread exploring films and soundtracks with Xan Coppinger. With an equal love for armchair criticism, music, sound design, and film studies, Xan takes listeners on a 30 minute trip through cult-classics, memorable soundtracks, current film news, and a diverse range of cinematic topics. PBS is pleased to present Sound and Vision's new monthly feature article, where Xan will be diving deep into current topics and analysis in film.

Wed 29 Apr 2020

Tune in to State of the Art on Wednesday April 29 to hear an interview with artist Bec Smith, as she talks about her practice and what music inspires her whilst she works.

At secondary school and university Bec Smith undertook both Art and Design, and has dedicated her whole career to these disciplines. She has worked both in Australia and overseas for over 20 years as a digital designer, including a stint at BBC Radio 6 in London,  and during this time she has always practiced art.

Tue 28 Apr 2020

Tune in for Sound and Vision every Tuesday morning from 8am on The Breakfast Spread as PBS' Xan discusses and dissects films and their soundtracks. 

Mon 27 Apr 2020 to Fri 22 May 2020

MAV is inviting expressions of interest from writers, visual artists, music and sound producers, songwriters and composers to create new works that can be shared online for their new commissions program: Shelter

Wed 8 Apr 2020 to Thu 30 Apr 2020

Some businesses have had to change dramatically to keep going and are now working hard to get their new messaging out to the public. We can help.

Fri 3 Apr 2020 to Fri 17 Apr 2020

As the Melbourne Recital Centre announced their temporary closure will continue through to June 30, they have coupled it with a call to community to support artists.

Mon 30 Mar 2020

It's hard to believe all the change that is happening around us so quickly at the moment. However after 40 years of broadcasting, it's safe to say PBS intends to do everything it can to be here for the long haul.

Fri 20 Mar 2020 to Mon 23 Mar 2020

The first annual Bendigo Festival of Australian Film - A four day celebration of Australian cinema, featuring 8 fantastic films.

PBS Easey St
Tue 17 Mar 2020 to Tue 21 Apr 2020

In response to the current impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), PBS is taking steps to ensure the health and wellbeing of its volunteers, broadcasters and staff. 

The doors to the station are now closed in an effort to reduce foot traffic. A skeleton staff is still here to answer phone calls for the time being so please call the station on 8415 1067 if you have any questions.