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State of the Art: Stories About Hope - Social Art Exhibition


The Breakfast Spread : State of the Art  for Wednesday 21 June 2017

Producer Renee Dixon and curator Amber Hearn chat to Beth and Nick about their new social art exhibition Stories About Hope, exploring the human strength and dignity in people from refugee backgrounds, through photography and short films.

Part of Refugee Week, the stories represented in the exhibition celebrate the courage and resilience of people who have undertaken diverse journeys to Australia throughout different points in history. From Holocaust survivors to our most recent young arrivals, the stories prove that your past does not define you, but can give you more strength to move forward with confidence.

The exhibition explores what it means to be of a refugee background, questions of identity and belonging. It shines an important light on the voices, perspectives and experiences erased from public conversation.

Stories About Hope has an associated book by Elias Kelleher, which will be available for purchase at the exhibition.

All proceeds from this event will go towards helping Road to Refuge’s work in building a new conversation which supports and values the lived experience and dignity of people seeking asylum.

The exhibition will run from June 20th-25th at the No Vacancy Project Space, The Atrium, Federation Square, Melbourne CBD.

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