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Damn the Torpedoes

Damn the Torpedoes

Thursday 30 January 2014

Damn The Torpedoes return from self-imposed exile to release their 4th EP and first 7", entitled 'IV'. 4 brand new tracks full of melody and noise - this is 'thinking mans punk rock'. Loud fast garage rocknroll swimming in sing/yell-along choruses, thundering rhythms and guitar harmonies just barely clinging to the break-neck pace.

After spending most of 2013 moonlighting in other bands (La Bastard, Lake Palmer, Little Desert, et al), Wally Rankin, Leeroy French, Dick Straight and Ando Varone are ready to turn up and tune down. 'IV', the first Torps release to feature relative newcomer Leeroy (Screw- top Detonators/Harvest Smoke), was recorded in a day under the guidance of Jesse Booher (La Bastard) and Mat Robbins (Dandy Warhols) at Coloursound Studios.

The tracks bristle with ragged harmonies, barely controlled anger and twin-guitar interplay: 'This City' channels surf-rock through a broken Vox amp; 'Lord Leisure' struts around like Jagger with a black eye; 'Beat Out The Lies' answers its own rhetorical question "Does anybody want to?" by stabbing a guitar through a snare drum; and 'It's Not What You See It's Who You Know' dumps its girlfriend and hooks up with her sister.

Damn The Torpedoes will be releasing several live film clips in the lead-up to the launch. The first, for lead track "This City", is available now via their website.

Listen back to Fang It! with Ruari for a live set from Damn the Torpedoes.

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