Mon 23 Nov 2020 to Sun 29 Nov 2020
This week's feature album Cheers to the Future is the debut album from Melbourne five-piece Zombeaches.

Recorded in the depths of winter and between the Victorian lockdowns, Zombeaches took to a rickety old shed on the foreshore at Pt. Leo Boat Club to mirror the sounds of a live performance. A clever choice for a band that is celebrated for their live performances; whisking everyone into the present with their loose, tongue in cheek delivery.

Produced and mixed by Australian producer Mikey Young Cheers to the Future marks both a triumph of Young's laconic approach to making records and a transformation in style for Zombeaches.

However it's not just the usual garage rock record that belts out dense walls of guitars and clashing sequences, no, on Cheers to the Future Zombeaches delivery melody and story.

After a challenging 24 months, the band's front man and vocalist James Young has remarkably written a lyrical story that defies tragedy and transcends suffering.

Throughout the album, Young darts in and out of these stories. On 'Distractions Kill, Stay Focused' Young ratchets up the tension, with a real-time story of someone just holding on. On the band’s lead single titled 'Cheers to the Future', hope comes to the fore (“I’m so alive, there’s so much more, and you tell me I won’t live forever.")

Over three days of recording, Zombeaches have accomplished more than some hope to do in three months, they've put together a record that is both poignant and that reflects the power of their live performance.

Cheers to the Future is out now via Buttercup Records Australia.




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