Sun 7 Mar 2021
Bringing together the talent and experience of Julien Wilson, Stephen Magnusson, and Phil Collings, this trio presents the form with playfulness, continuity, and respect. In 2016, they recorded their album Tale of Two Birds at the late great Bennett's Lane Jazz Club just before its final closure. 

As singular voices in the scene, they have each made profound contributions to jazz in Australia, the most recent of which are Phil Collings’ fourth album on Crackbell Records with The Borrowed Time Trio, and John Scurry’s upcoming work Reverse Swing, produced by Julien Wilson.  

One the 26th of November 2017, Wilson Magnusson Collings came in to Easey Street to record an improvised live session in Studio 5 Live on Ross Nable’s Impressions. The trio brought with them their instruments, their individual and collective stories, and the kind of synergy that very few bands possess. Gerry Koster, the host of Sunday evening’s other jazz program, Dizzy Atmosphere, arrived at PBS deliberately early that afternoon in order to catch the live performance. He recalls that something magical took place that day.

'Jules and Maggs mixed up their setlists, with each beginning a different song at  the same time...then cleverly working them together and eventually sorting out  the gaff, to an essentially unknowing audience, and to their own surprise!'

The outcome of this gaff was a one-of-a-kind improvised session that we cannot wait to revisit with you on Dizzy Atmosphere on March 7 at 8pm. 

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