This week on State of the Art, Roger spoke with Klara McMurray about her Cabaret performance: Miss K is...Wrong . com! Which is set for its Melbourne debut on the 17th December.
The topics covered in the show are all about how we now communicate, consume, earn a loving, find love and feel the need to publicise so much of what we do in the age of the dot-com.
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Klara has some stuff on Reverbnation

Roger also covered Bohemian Melbourne at the State Library.
Revealing Melbourne’s enduring counter-cultures, Bohemian Melbourne celebrates a who’s who of creative free spirits through their art and the bohemian legacy that has shaped the character of this city.
This exhibition shines a light on Melbourne’s cultural bohemians from 1860 to today, tracing individuals who have pushed against convention in their lives and art, from Marcus Clarke, Albert Tucker and Mirka Mora to Barry Humphries, Vali Myers and Nick Cave.
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