Tue 11 Jul 2023

Pizza Death play songs that are about 3 things: 
1. Pizza 
2. Death (the only thing they believe in in life other than pizza) 
3. And death by pizza (their greatest fear) 

Listen back to Burning Bitumen from July 11, 2023 to hear them do what they do best live. The performance took place a day after the release of their sophomore album, Reign of the Anticrust, and will give you a taste of what to expect at their album launch show taking place August 19 at The Bendigo.

Death by slice! 

Watch Pizza Death perform 'Consumed By Mushrooms' in Studio 5 here: 

Pizza Death - 'Consumed By Mushrooms' PBS Studio 5 Live July 11, 2023


Mixed and mastered by Andrew Robinson
Video and photos by Kurt Eckardt

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