Naarm-based musician Lewis Coleman's latest offering Offline is a collection of songs grounded in a desire to generate a current within stagnant and hopeless waters. It marks a significant departure from Colemans' previous, more brooding and introverted record Method of Places, and as he leans into a more confident, outward-facing aspect of himself, so too does Offline. It’s music replete with playful arrangements and kinetic opportunity and, as Coleman states, “songs that are hot, warm, saturated and fun”.

Listen back to Radio City with Crispi to hear Lewis Coleman perform an exclusive Studio 5 Live session.

Check out the full clip to 'Golden Morning', performed live by Lewis Coleman and band in Studio 5 below:

Lewis Coleman - 'Golden Morning' in PBS Studio 5 Live January 11, 2024


PBS thanks the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust for funding assistance to build and fit out Studio 5.