Multi-instrumentalist Hannah Cameron is renowned for her ability to knock the wind out of you with her muscular guitar and a voice that could melt tar. There’s an unwavering strength to her poetry, matched by the weighty warmth of a baritone Gretsch, and an effortless complexity to her craft. Whether singing about conversations that never go the way we want them to, or tax, teaching and other people’s problems, she sings with a profound clarity and driving energy of someone who’s spent years honing their craft.

Hannah joined Crispi on Radio City on Thursday September 28, 2023 for an intimate Studio 5 Live performance - you can listen back here.

Studio 5 Live is proudly brought to you by our mates at Mountain Goat. PBS thanks the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust for funding assistance to build and fit out Studio 5.

Check out Hannah Cameron perform 'Haiku Song' in Studio 5 below:

Hannah Cameron - 'Haiku' in PBS Studio 5 Live September 18, 2023