Fri 27 Mar 2020

PBS was deeply saddened to learn last week of the passing of Sean Baxter.  Sean has been an integral part, and in many ways a driving force, in Melbourne’s avant-garde and experimental music community for more than 25 years.  Sean was a founding member of iconic band Bucketrider, was involved in numerous other progressive and exploratory projects including Lazy and the trio Pateras/Baxter/Brown, has had a long association with The Make It Up Club, and regularly collaborated with artists and musicians from across the new music spectrum. 


As a musician, primarily a drummer, Baxter brought an intensity to his work that was both compelling and thrilling.  Contrasting the frenetic energy of projects like Bucketrider however were subtle textural explorations of prepared instrumentation in his long running collaborations with Dave Brown (Lazy, Pateras/Baxter/Brown) and numerous others.  As an interviewee Sean was a broadcaster’s dream.  Never short of something to say, Sean had a razor sharp wit, keen intellect and an inherent ability to challenge the status quo in music, art, culture and education.  


PBS extends our sincere condolences to Sean’s partner, his family, friends and countless collaborators. 


Owen McKern 

Program Manager 

PBS 106.7FM