Multi-instrumentalist and visual artist Sarah Mary Chadwick is not a new face to Melbourne's music community. After moving to Australia from from her native New Zealand to pursue a career in music, Sarah spent a decade fronting grunge band Batrider. Eventually becoming tired of the collaborative requirements intrinsic to band life, Sarah shifted her focus to songwriting independently, drawing inspiration from “weird old New Zealand musicians” like Peter Jefferies, Chris Knox, and Australia’s Pip Proud and the way they tinker away and work for decades for “little to no commercial success.”

Her most recent release 'Please Daddy' is perhaps her most emotionally challenging work to date, evoking a slow burning pain, pulling the listener down into the depths of their own being. Chadwick's artistry brings forth true, bold and often instantly relatable emotion. To listen to Sarah’s music is to be a quiet observer to her thoughts on love, death and mental health. Sometimes this anguish bears itself in sullen, quiet moments, but more often torment manifests at the break of Sarah’s voice as she sing-shouts painfully vulnerable, self-aware lyrics.

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