Saint Jude are five boys making music. Saint Jude have leaped onto the scene with a record and a sound and a live show to make even the dead tap their feet.

They are for the here and the now. But they come from somewhere. We all come from somewhere.

Like a voodoo priest calling down the spirit of Papa Legba, Bill Deeble on Drums and Brooke Penrose on guitar and vocals made Saint Jude from the bones of their former lives. They wrote and played simple and raw stripped back tunes and asked Saint Jude for their second chances. Brooke’s voice as sweet as a stream, as strident as a mountain; Bill’s drumming like a lifeline, as if his life depends on it, like it’s all he’ll ever do.

Papa saw in these boys the potential to make a lot more noise, to make it big and make a difference. They drew together a full band sound, man! Like The Faces, or Little Feat, The Band. Ya dig? Big sounding groups. A full sound. A gang!

Down the dusty road came Ryan McCarthy, his telecaster held like a talisman against the whims of the simple minded and the dull. Bern McMahon his keyboard like the thunder and the rain and Mick Stylianou his bass making the sand shake and the hair curl.

They made their peace with the past and stepped together into the future.

Listen back to City Slang with Kim, 5-7pm for a live set from Saint Jude.