Thu 8 Nov 2012 to Sun 11 Nov 2012

A new series of concerts called Rock for Recognition have been initiated in order to raise awareness and promote the need for recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Australian Constitution.

The inaugural Rock for Recognition headlined by Dan Sultan will tour to Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Fremantle in November and features a varied bill of artists including sultry songstress Leah Flanagan [all shows], all-star band Dead Marines [Syd show] and the spelling binding duo that is Wolves At The Door [WA Shows] and the genre-jumping PBS DJ Ken Eavel [VIC show]. Other artists are likely to join the bill as word about the concerts gains momentum.

Being a proud Gurindji man, Dan Sultan will ensure that Rock for Recognition is one hell of a roof-raising concert event. Changing the actual Constitution however will be a lot harder, with any change to the Constitution requiring a successful referendum. This was achieved in 1967 to recognise Australia's First Peoples as part of the Australian population, when more than 90% of voters said yes to change.

The organising partners - ANTaR, Oxfam, the National Congress and YouMeUnity - said that many Australians, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous, have been calling for change for a long time.

"We need to harness the goodwill and sense of fairness of the Australian people to build momentum to change the Constitution– we need you to take the conversation to your schools, unis, workplaces, sporting clubs, and communities," says Jody Broun, Co-Chair of the National Congress, a partner organisation.

Ultimately a popular movement of Australian voters will be required to spearhead the change and this is where music plays a powerful part. The intention for Rock for Recognition is to build awareness around this issue so when the time to vote arrives the general Australian public can make an informed decision to bring the Australian Constitution into the 21st century and recognise the unique cultures of Australia's First Peoples. It takes a majority of voters in a majority of states to vote 'yes' to make the change, and the barriers are high – so we say spread the word, get informed and rock for the recognition we all deserve!

Rock for Recognition – get informed
Australia’s Constitution is silent with respect to the cultures and languages of Australia's First Peoples. It is also perhaps the only founding document in the world which still contains a 'races power’ that allows the Parliament to enact racially discriminatory laws.
For more information see ANTaR's Fact Sheet:
Download our factsheet on Constitutional reform.

Rock For Recognition
November 8, The Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Dan Sultan with Leah Flanagan & DJ Ken Eavel (PBS)

$30 pre booked / $35 at door

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Rock for Recognition is presented by ANTaR and Oxfam Australia with the support of the National Congress of Australia's First Peoples, YouMeUnity and The Harbour Agency.