Thu 5 Apr 2012

Our next installment of Rock-A-Bye Baby featuring Tek Tek Ensemble is coming up at the Fitzroy Town Hall this Thursday, 5th April! Musically, the band incorporates styles from around the world including Balkan, Calypso, Dixieland, Flamenco, Haitian Vodou, Spaghetti Western, Mexican, Tango, Klezmer, Tarantella, 1960s film soundtracks and Middle Eastern and Latin music.

Tek Tek Ensemble has a fiery energy of unadulterated dexterity, improvisation, and an unorthodox madness that is fascinating to watch and irresistibly danceable. The group is an 11-year-long collaboration between six musicians playing accordion, guitar, trombone, trumpet, violins, drums, double bass, percussion and human voice. They began as a street ensemble and have since become one of the finest world music ensembles in Melbourne, multicultural capital of Australia.

The Rock-A-Bye Baby Music Sessions offer a gig going experience for carers and children where the music hasn’t been dumbed down or sugared up! It provides a chance for families to share the experience of live music in a safe and clean environment.

Noise is welcomed, crawling is encouraged and dancing is expected!

PBS Rock-A-Bye Baby Music Sessions with Tek Tek Ensemble
Thursday 5th April @ Fitzroy Town Hall, Napier Street, Fitzroy
11am- noon
Adults $5,children free. Free entry for the first 50 concession card holders.