Thu 1 Dec 2011

PBS 106.7FM is proud to present another round of the Rock-A-Bye Baby Music Sessions on Thursday 1st December from 11am with very special guests Judge Pino and the Ruling Motions. They'll be bringing their early dancehall and rockers reggae tunes to the Fitzroy Town Hall.

Judge Pino and the Ruling Motions are a living tribute to the greats of 1970's Jamaican reggae. Whilst versioning and covering classic 1970's lover's rock, early dancehall and rockers reggae tunes in their own genuine style, they create a retro-phonic space filled with rhythm and sound that will move everybody into a dance.

The Rock-A-Bye Baby Music Sessions offer a gig going experience for carers and children where the music hasn’t been dumbed down or sugared up! It provides a chance for families to share the experience of live music in a safe and clean environment.

Noise is welcomed, crawling is encouraged and dancing is expected!