Thu 6 Oct 2016

PBS 106.7FM is very pleased to announce the next Rock-A-Bye Baby session with the flaming hot bucket of Hot Wings performing instrumental surf with swing and zest.

Hot Wings are the brainchild of stellar guitarist Lizzie Sedman, a guitar goddess that has been hot and wingy for years! With influences drawing far and wide from Les Paul, to Stevie Ray Vaughan, to The Break, to The Ventures, Liz has carefully handpicked a band to bring her new surfy, swingy, guitar boogie sounds to life.

PBS’ Rock-A-Bye-Baby Sessions are for adults and kids alike and feature artists from all genres and cultures. It’s our way of helping breed the next generation of punters in music-mad Melbourne.

Rock-A-Bye Baby is a no-frills, daytime show for families of all ages and your chance to see a real band without fear of sugary drinks or costumed characters.

PBS’ Rock-A-Bye-Baby music sessions welcome noise, encourage crawling and expect dancing!

PBS Rock-A-Bye Baby Music Sessions
featuring Hot Wings
Thursday October 6 at Fitzroy Town Hall, Napier Street, Fitzroy
11am – 12noon
adults $5, children free
Free entry for the first 50 concession card holders

Proudly supported by City Of Yarra.