Tune in to The Afterglow on Wednesday August 12 as we reminisce on Drive Live 2019 and the wild and colourful performance from The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra.


Inspired by the infectious afro-beat music of Nigeria and its neighbours, The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra delivers contemporary African funk to Australian dancefloors. In 2019 they joined PBS' Drive Live event and shared the stage with the great Femi Kuti for PBS' annual Beasts of No Nation event. 



The Afterglow’s announcer Lyndelle Wilkinson remembers this 17-person band as the one that brought the party:


"The first challenge was fitting them all into the studio – but once they were in and they started to play, our next challenge was: how can we ever let this end?! They were electric! I remember the text-line was flooding in with howls of praise. The beautiful vibes that the capacity crowd at Easey Street was feeling came across loud and clear on the radio. Our listeners were loving it. The connection was explosive and it really came down to their sound, their message and the energy they brought on the day. I am thrilled to replay this live set and experience this all over again. And share it perhaps with some listeners who didn’t experience it the first time around. Buckle in!"


It is with utmost pleasure that we bring the party to you once again.


Tune in to The Afterglow on August 12 as we rewind back to The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra's Studio 5 Live session. Studio 5 Live is proudly supported by Mountain Goat.