Mon 16 Mar 2020 to Tue 17 Mar 2020
There's been some movement at the station, with some much loved long term announcers finishing up their shows. They will be missed greatly. But, with change comes opportunity, and a chance to provide space for new voices and music from our community. 


First up, we welcome Kurt Eckardt who is joining the station as the new co-host of Homebrew with Maddy Mac. Kurt brings a wealth of broadcasting experience to the program and is intimately connected to the thriving indie music scene in our city.  Kurt’s first Homebrew show will be at 3pm on Monday March 16.




More exciting news is that Underground Love is moving from an insomnia slot into Tuesday afternoons at 3pm.  Underground Love covers a broad mix of local and international underground and DIY music. Host, Jordan Oakley, has always created space for independent and emerging artists and moving this show to Tuesday afternoons will increase the exposure these artists have on free-to-air radio.  Jordan’s first Tuesday program will be on March 17.


Another move is Kene Lightfoot’s show Burning Bitumen swapping from midnight on Fridays into the slot formerly occupied by Fret Net.  Burning Bitumen regularly features interviews with local, touring and international metal bands. Kene’s first show in the new timeslot will also be Tuesday March 17.


With Underground Love and Burning Bitumen moving into new slots, this also opens up more opportunity in their old times. PBS will have more updates coming soon about what it has planned for those timeslots.