Tune into The Breakfast Spread this Wednesday July 18 for State of the Art with Annika Priest speaking to performers from the award-winning production Prehistoric.

After sold out seasons at the Brisbane Festival and 2014 Melbourne Fringe Festival, Prehistoric, returns for a limited season at the Meat Market Stables, North Melbourne.

This blistering punk theatre gig rips into our civil liberties, and our capacity to resist. Set in 1979 in Brisbane, Prehistoric takes us into the lives of Deb, Nick, Pete, and Rachel as they meet at a gig, start a band, and deal with the repercussions of fighting back against the system. Based on firsthand accounts of living, playing music, and making history under Queensland’s notoriously corrupt and brutal Bjelke-Petersen government, Prehistoric offers an iconoclastic and hilarious take on the pivotal "punk moment" that still echoes today.

Written and directed by Marcel Dorney and with Brigid Gallacher, Grace Cummings, Sahil Saluja, and Zachary Giles Pidd performing and playing original live music throughout, Prehistoric is a gritty, intelligent, and pertinent addition to the 2018 Melbourne arts calendar.

For more information and bookings here.

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