Rising Melbourne post-punk outfit PINCH POINTS are joining us for a Studio 5 Live session in the lead up to the release of their debut LP Moving Parts, the follow-up to their internationally acclaimed EP MECHANICAL INJURY. The EP landed in Bandcamp's 'Best 100 releases of 2018' list with J. Edward Keyes of Bandcamp Daily describing their sound as "a barbed-wre coil of sound that's as loose and springy as it is dangerously serrated".
Formed in 2018, PINCH POINTS have been moving at an intergallactic speed ever since. Releasing MECHANICAL INJURY shortly after their inception and gigging all about town ever since, the release of Moving Parts shows the band have no plans of slowing down.
Listen back to Garageland to catch Pinch Point's Studio 5 Live session below.

Pinch Points for Studio 5 Live

Cover image by Louis Roach.