After being told time and time again of his resemblance to the late great Bill Haley. Phil decided to put together a group of musicians to form the band Phil Haley and his Comments.

The first to join him was Sax player Allen Paris and together they set out to build a Rock'n'Roll Stage Show that would become one of today's most requested performances to come out of the UK. Spreading throughout Europe, Scandinavia and as far as Australia.

Leeds based Double Bass player Martyn Savage, became the third member of the band. The trio then set out to find a drummer to provide the back beat to the music they were so keen to create. Brian Nicholls appeared, and his unique style of drumming became the back bone of the bands music, setting them on the road to becoming one of today's best fifties style Rock'n'Roll bands.

Together the four members of the band began to create the Bill Haley and the Comets sound. Writing their own songs as well as covering some of the greatest Rock'n'Roll numbers ever to be written and performed by the great man himself.

The Stage Show is highly visual and exciting, capturing the atmosphere of the 50's era.

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