Mon 26 Sep 2016 to Sun 2 Oct 2016

by friendships

friendships Nullarbor 1988-1989 (PBS Feature Record)

Bold, brave, raw, refreshing, unique – these are but a few words to describe this truly epic release from local duo friendships. This collaborative ‘art project’ sees the teaming up of Nic on audio duties and Misha on visuals, and their latest effort seeks to take you on a conceptual road journey across the Nullarbor. And fear not, they have 100% captured the emotion, isolation, heat, and arid, sweaty, harshness of such a trip. In doing so they cover jungle, techno, African rhythms, spoken word and team up with Yaw Faso, thelovelyme, Unsoundbwoy and HABITS along the way.

Like any epic four-wheeled mission there is a clear beginning, triumphant climax and satisfying well-earned conclusion. Hold tight for particular favourites and heavy tracks like “When I Feel Like Killing, I Murder”, “Move (Fast)” and “0.0.0. (Eat Your Flesh).” Misha’s vicious painting adorns the cover with two duelling rabid dogs, teeth bared, to leave you with no doubt of the musical beasts contained within. Stay gold legends.

Review by Bevin Campbell (The Blend)

Jenny Hval Blood Bitch (Featured on The Breakfast Spread)

Sit down and strap yourself in for Jenny Hval's Blood Bitch. Her fourth solo record, this is an exquisite collage album that overtly explores the causes and manifestations of modern anxiety, in particular, those as associate with the female body. At times her voice is dreamy and others a source of panic. A pounding drum machine perfectly mimics a rising heart rate; the comfortable pace set in 'Female Vampire' is abandoned by the time we get to 'In The Red' where we are wrapped up the sounds of her hyperventilating. Although we associate the sound with distress, the repetition is eerily calming. After describing gynecological examinations and finally admitting to pain, 'Untamed Region' provides a chilling summary of why the individual is often rendered so powerless in our society. The tension keeps building, and at the end it's like she is leaping into a silent body of water, letting herself be weightless in her accepted reality.

I will admit that Blood Bitch is not a comfortable album to listen to, but it's well worth the emotional risk and investment if you are feeling strong enough to take it on. The concepts are so relatable; succinct sonic expressions of complex ideas with a beautiful pop sensibility to support you along the way. This is most certainly one of my favourite albums of 2016.

Review by Cat McGauran (The Breakfast Spread)

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