Mon 10 Sep 2018 to Fri 28 Sep 2018

PBS is excited to announce a new co-host for The Breakfast Spread.

From Monday September 17, Claire Dickson will jump out of bed before dawn each weekday morning to join Milo in the studio. Claire has programmed and presented Circling The Sun on PBS since 2016, and has been co-presenting The Breakfast Spread with Milo every Friday since July.

"Becoming a Breakfast Spread announcer on my favourite radio station is an opportunity I simply couldn't pass up. It allows me to do what I love 5 days a week and I hope I do the listener's proud. There's nothing else that would be able to get me up at 5am every morning and I can't wait to get started!"

Joining Claire and Milo will be all the regular guests and segments you’ve come to know and love, and of course the show will feature the most eclectic mix of specialist music on radio anywhere in the known universe. Expect regular live-in-studio performances, interviews with local and touring musicians, and insights into music and arts events around Melbourne and beyond.

The Breakfast Spread with Claire and Milo – 6am to 9am, Monday to Friday on PBS 106.7FM, PBS Digital and streaming online at Breakfast Spread.jpg