Fri 22 Mar 2019

Multicultural Arts Victoria presents Multifuturism
Friday 22nd March live at The Gershwin Room, Hotel Esplanade!

For the first time, The Senegambian Jazz Band and Cool Out Sun, two of Melbourne’s heavy weights, come together for a night that fuses Afro jazz, deep world music beats, and funk; creating some truly awe-inspiring rhythms and melodies, perfect to get your body moving!

The Senegambian Jazz Band are fast becoming known as one of Australia’s most progressive roots/world music acts. Constructed around the framework of jazz and a deep world beat, elements of their music seem to combine the improvisational spirit, found at the core of 1960s Miles Davis and wild raging fire of Jimi Hendrix at his most free, unorthodox and true.

The instrument leading the band is a Kora (African Harp) diligently played by the virtuosic Amadou Suso. Originally made by Susos forefather. Joined by Steve Allingham (Drum Kit) Yoseph Bekele (Bass Guitar), Boubacar Gaye (Djembe/Conga) and Tom Benson (Saxophone) some unique kind of world/jazz/afro/funk fusion music ensues.

Cool Out Sun is a creative project composed of the super powers that are N’fa Jones, Sensible J and Nui Moon. Their debut single Fire For rocked the airwaves around the country whilst the stunning visuals had living rooms turn dance floor. This October, the outfit released their highly anticipated debut LP, and the wind began to change.

The collective invite a range of artist’s influences to collaborate during live shows, diversifying an ever changing, seasonal soundscape in world/roots music.

Date: Fri 22 March
Venue: Hotel Esplanade
Address (11 The Esplanade, St Kilda VIC 3182)
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