Since their debut release in 2011, Portland-based psychedelic rockers, Moon Duo AKA Sanae Yamada and Ripley Johnson, have taken us on a sonic journey through a multitude of cosmic soundscapes.

Now on their seventh album in nine years, Moon Duo's latest release, 'Stars Are the Light' brings us particles of 70s funk and 90s rave with deep roots in the groovy drive of disco, giving their iconic languid guitar sound a new direction.

Yamada and Johnson connect their music to the body, creating propulsive tracks that embody human experience of change, misunderstanding, love, struggle, joy and alienation. 'Stars Are the Light' aims to take on the endless dance of nature and the community surrounding dance to produce a melange of sounds and feelings that encmopasses both mind and body. 


Listen back here  to hear Moon Duo play live for Studio 5 Live. Proudly brought to you by Mountain Goat.