Tue 9 Jun 2020
It was early one Tuesday afternoon in late September 2018. The three members of post-punk Melbourne band Moody Beaches walked into PBS to set up for what turned out to be a very special Studio 5 Live session.

It was special for two important reasons: even though its members have long been active in the scene, the trio itself was still relatively new; secondly, this session would be the very last one that long-time PBS announcer Erica Dunn hosted on her iconic show Mixing Up The Medicine (excluding the bands that played live on Erica’s farewell show for Drive Live in February 2019).

The result was nothing short of outstanding. Moody Beaches unleashed their raw, dark sound with utmost urgency. They rocked the studio, delivered their songs with admirable honesty and shared with PBS listeners their turbulent response to a world that can often feel fairly unsettling. 

Jump to 2020. The world is unquestionably even more unsettling than before. Yet there is certainty in the music. There is something reassuring to be found even in the most brooding of rock songs. This story also bears witness to a beautifully comforting continuity.

PBS announcer Jordan Oakley has only just celebrated his show’s first anniversary on air, and in many respects, Underground Love carries on where Mixing Up The Medicine has left off. In the spirit of true PBS camaraderie, Jordan pays tribute to both Moody Beaches and to Erica when he takes us back to that special Tuesday afternoon. Jordan says, ‘Moody Beaches are a hugely powerful force in Melbourne rock and I’m really excited to relive this beastly set that aired on Erica’s legendary show’. This is not one to miss. 

Tune in on Tuesday 9 June on Underground Love at 3pm to hear Moody Beaches for Studio 5 LiveRewind proudly brought to you by Mountain Goat.