Sun 20 Feb 2022

On November 21 last year the Melbourne Jazz Cooperative (MJC) presented the Max Teakle Trio live in concert at The Jazzlab in Brunswick. The concert was recorded for the MJC, and broadcast Gerry Koster's Dizzy Atmosphere show on Sunday February 20.

This is the second exclusive MJC recording broadcast on Dizzy Atmosphere with the James Bowers Trio performance broadcast on Sunday January 23. This exclusive partnership between PBS and the MJC marks a return to the close relationship between organisations and in some respect, sees it come full-circle, with several concerts in the inaugural 1983 MJC Series recorded by 3PBS-FM and broadcast at the time.

Max Teakle is a young pianist and composer who comes from a family with four generations of jazz musicians. He is currently studying at the V.C.A., while making a name for himself as an up-and-coming voice. Over the 2020 lockdown Teakle wrote a series of exploratory trio works with the specific skill sets of drummer James McLean and bassist Joseph Franklin in mind. The trio debuted the series, titled Schema at The Jazzlab performance.

Listen back to the Max Teakle Trio performance here.

Listen back to the James Bowers Trio performance here.