Thu 30 Sep 2010

The globetrotting British-Jamaican, Wayne 'Lotek' Bennett, is stepping out of his studio, shutting down his computer, and hitting the Northcote Social Club to release his brand newsingle, Rudest Dude. It is taken from the widely anticipated album called International Rudeboy which is due out in early December.

It seems as though Lotek could not sit still. In late 2009, he travelled to Japan, Germany and Paris to perform a few shows. He then stopped over in London to celebrate the 2009 Mercury Prize win for the album that he produced in Australia - Speech Therapy (for UK hip hop artist Speech Debelle). Two days later he left the dreary London weather and jetted straight back into his studio in Australia to focus on writing, producing and mixing his next solo album.

The first offering from this effort is the single Rudest Dude. Your auditory senses will be hit hard by this reggae-fied tune filled with Lotek’s signature bass heavy beats, added with infectiously catchy horn stabs and melodies. Along with the rest of the album, the single Rudest Dude is new music that is ripe for the summer. It will not only rid you of the winter chills with the right sonic doses of the Australian sun, it will also take you on a journey to Lotek’s Jamaican roots.

Like many English travellers, Lotek fell in love with the relatively laid-back lifestyle in the land downunder. It is no wonder that the result of his latest endeavor is a brighter and more organic sound than his previous projects back in England, which included work with his dub, hiphop outfit, LotekHifi, as well as the first 3 albums by the “Godfather of British Hiphop", Roots Manuva.

Aside from playing a collection of his favourite tunes live, Lotek will also present you the accompanying video of Rudest Dude, where he steps back in time and cleverly appears in one of the studio sessions of legendary Jamaican producer, Bunny Lee, and studio engineer, Prince Jammy, at King Tubby’s landmark studio, which was home to a myriad of reggae hits in the 70’s and 80’s.

Never one to run out of words, wit and wisdom, Lotek does not fall short of expressing exactly what he wants you to do: “I’m one of the rudest dudes with some of the smoothest grooves, there’s no need to clash, got nothing to prove, just here to make you move.” Indeed, he will do just that. He will even teach you new Jamaican flavored dance steps that he creatively invented himself such as the lightfooted “Tiptoe Skank” and the cloud crushing “Sundance”. Very special guests, including Melbourne’s own Jamaican-Australian artist, RuCL, who also appears on the album, will join Lotek on stage.

Rude boys and girls best turn up in your rudest outfits with porkpie hats, black and white ties, and suspenders. Be prepared to lose yourself dancing to this Jamaican and English sound system cultural fusion with Lotek and his 8-piece band, the Rebel Hifi.

Lotek will be at the Northcote Social Club on Thursday, the 30th of September, 2010. Tickets are available at the door for $15.