In March 2010, LOS CHICOS edited their forth album ‘We Sound Amazing But We Look Like Shit’, once again produced by one of the greatest producer in Rock&Roll , Mike Mariconda. After more than 10 years shaking fat on the stage without stop (venues and festivals all over Europe and even Australia) LOS CHICOS have become one of the most important Garage and Rock&Roll bands not only in Spain also in Europe; Dirty Water Records (Label very well known and respected on an international level) has edited their last album on LP and CD, what it means a step forward in their career doing what they do best, play Rock&Roll with an only intention: enjoy and make people enjoy with their music.

From the beginning they have been moving like duck to water between styles like Soul, Rhythm&Blues, Country, Punk and Garage but in this last album they have added touches of the best Power Pop kind of Flamin’ Groovies, NRBQ, Real Kids or Paul Collins (friend and fan), given it their own sound characterized by big amounts of fun Young Fresh Fellows ish.
In this album the sound is more basic and classic, not overproductions at all, anologic sound where the Soul sounds like classic Soul, Country sounds like authentic Country, R&B like the wildest R&B and Pop like the most energetic Pop, including a New Orleans style hit . There is a top deluxe collaboration: Alan Tyler and his violinist from London , artist like Raunch Hands (Mariconda y Chandler), Lost Crusaders, Fleshtones, Andy G & the Rollerkings, Vendettas. Etc from USA. The fabulous Johnny Casino from Australia and Rober from Atom Rhumba from Spain. A spectacular design by Mik Baro to round off the forth album of this crazy Spaniards.

In 2010 LOS CHICOS they also published a compilation from their 4 albums in Australia under Off The Hip label (recording again the songs from the 1st album), to promote an Australian tour that became very successful sharing stage with legendary musicians in the Australian music scene like Chris Masuak (Radio Birdman), Johnny Casino, Spencer P. Jones (the Beast Of Bourbon) or John Nolan (Powdermonkeys, Bored), huge fans and friends of the band.

The best garage band of the history, THE SONICS, were amazed when LOS CHICOS opened for them. SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS, NORTON RECORDS or PAUL COLLINS (just to give a few example) love them to dead. In England, the garage escene from the last 25 years speak highly, slobbering for them. In Europe KING KHAN & HIS SHIRES are mad about them. In Spain, stage fellas like WAU Y LOS ARRRGHS! or ATOM RHUMBA (and many more) adore them. In one of the latest video clip from NICK LOWE you can see LOS CHICOS album and BECK in one of his interviews confessed his admiration for this monster of RUACK AND ROLL!! With this kind of support all over the world don’t think twice, keep an eye on them because you won’t regret it!! LOS CHICOS RULES!!!

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