This week on State of the Art, Roger speaks with James Brett.
With a background in filmmaking, architecture, design and curation, James Brett is the British founder of The Museum of Everything, the world's first and foremost travelling institution for non-academic and non-traditional artists. Since 2009 James Brett has helmed a series of award-winning installations and initiatives and, through his work with The Museum of Everything, has become one of a leading international advocate for the recognition of private art-making practices.

James will be in Melbourne to participate in an international conference: Contemporary Outsider art: the global art context this week.
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Roger also covers the Ken Whisson exhibition at Niagara Galleries at 245 Punt Road Richmond
Ken Whisson's paintings are intuitive sketches, marks and notations of things seen and experienced. Observational references are often obscured by abstract forms. Lines and shapes, anamorphic or otherwise, create suggestive passages of painting.
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