Thu 24 Jun 2021

One month after featuring Liz Stringer’s sixth studio album, First Time Really Feeling, PBS continues to celebrate this singular Australian musician by revisiting her 2012 Studio 5 session, originally recorded on Homebrew.  

Described as a ‘songwriter’s songwriter’, Liz Stringer has built a stellar reputation in her quarter of a century career so far. From her rootsy beginnings to her nostalgia for 80s glam on her recent album, Liz’s music is as diverse as it is solid.  

Her 2012 Studio 5 session is situated almost right in the middle of her musical journey and the obvious home for revisiting it is on Radio City. For years, Crispi has been a big admirer and close follower of Liz’s work. The Studio 5 session was recorded around the time of her fourth album, Warm In The Darkness, which as Crispi says “was a progression from her preceding three albums even though it was still very much based in a rootsy sound. First Time Really Feeling, on the other hand, has a much more polished 'pop' sound but her lyrical storytelling is still very much a strong part of her music. Regardless, this session from 2012 is a terrific listen from start to finish with a wonderful band and just great songs.”  

 We look forward to bringing you this session in its entirety on Radio City on Thursday June 24.  

Studio 5 Rewind is proudly brought to you by our mates at Mountain Goat. 

Cover image by Kristoffer Paulsen.