Mon 23 Jul 2018 to Sun 29 Jul 2018

by Deaf Wish


Lithium Zion is the fifth full-length album for Deaf Wish (and second for Sub Pop following 2015’s Pain), and while it’s a rare case that a group’s fifth album is their best, particularly any band operating under a “loud fast rules” ethos, Deaf Wish make a strong case as the exception.


Their previous albums were all recorded in makeshift studios, which of course is a wise aesthetic choice for capturing the hazardous riffing, chemically-stained vocals and fiery rhythms conjured by a group such as this, but this step toward a slightly more professional sound only enhances their power - think of the difference between a tangled pile of firecrackers and a red stick of TNT lodged in a hornets nest.

Lithium Zion is a veritable buffet of garage-punk energy, post-punk pathos, sardonic wit and the fearlessness that comes with Aussie rock, a natural consequence for anyone living on a continent teeming with grapefruit-sized spiders and man-eating mosquito swarms.


Cash Savage and the Last Drinks - Pack Animals

Harmony - Indifference

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Time in Common

Kurushimi - A Glimpse of a Thursday Afternoon

Jlin - The Abyss of Doubt

Stephen Malkmus - Solid Silk (Acoustic)

The Goon Sax - Make Time 4 Love

Clowns - Freezing in the Sun

Jen Cloher - Strong Woman (Live at the Loft)


This week's Top 10:


Deaf Wish - Lithium Zion
Cash Savage and the Last Drinks - 'Pack Animals'
Harmony - 'Indifference'
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - 'Time in Common'
Kurushimi - 'A Glimpse of a Thursday Afternoon'
Jlin - 'The Abyss of Doubt'
Stephen Malkmus - 'Solid Silk (Acoustic)'
The Goon Sax - 'Make Time 4 Love'
Clowns - 'Freezing in the Sun'
Jen Cloher - 'Strong Woman (Live at the Loft)'