Melbourne R&B slow jammers (and heart throbbers), Leisure Centre join PBS for a Studio 5 Live performance on Headhunters ahead of their long-awaited debut album Mind Full.

Leisure Centre is equal parts performance and programming, drawing from a broad palette of live instruments and electronic. Fronted by songwriter/drummer/singer Hugh Rabinovici and vocalist Audrey Powne, with harmony singers Lauren Brydie and Jamie-Lee Fanning. Backing them are Darvid Thor’s classic soul guitar sound, the virtuosic James “Sparklefingers” Bowers, and Tom Pettit’s on bass.

Mind Full is the band's first release since their 2106 EP One Plus One (released up the band's old name The Do Yo Thangs).

Mind Full is a perfect marriage of lo-fi and hifi digital technology: Rabinovici originally wrote the whole record using Garageband on an iPhone 4, and many elements of those original sketches have survived in the final versions. Regardless of the source, expect more sweet lead vocals, more stacked harmonies, more guitar, more synthesizers, more electronica, more digital, more analog, more bump, more grind and more vibe.

Listen back to Headhunters Monday August 13 for Leisure Centre's live performance. Studio 5 Live is proudly brought to you by Mountain Goat. Centre image.jpg