Director and choreographer, Lee Serle, joins Cat and Nick to chat about Multimodal presented by The Substation and Lee Serle.

Director and choreographer Lee Serle melds audience and artist in the interactive, immersive and participatory performance piece Multimodal, occupying THE SUBSTATION from August 30 - September 4.

Multimodal guides randomly selected audience members through a series of physical, sonic, olfactory and choreographic experiences housed within The SUBSTATION’s various post-industrial spaces.

Those selected contribute to the work’s unfolding content as they journey through Byron Scullin’s visceral sonic experiences, physical movement spaces and immersive, scent laden installations from visual artist Liz Henderson and Lee Serle, eliciting memories and personal narratives throughout the performance ritual.

Performers Deanne Butterworth, Benjamin Hancock, Geoffrey Watson and Rebecca Jensen, together with eight guides, lead the inductees through the installation series - blurring the lines between performer and audience, public and private space, as the ritual’s voyeurs (the audience) observe their performance induction from afar.

“I have been particularly inspired to make participatory work in recent years as the audience plays an integral role in providing the content for the work and how this is framed and organised.Multimodal also continues my interest in site-specific performance, utilising unique aspects of a space to enhance the experience,’ said Lee Serle whose latest project saw him choreographKanye West's newest single Wolves featuring vocals from Sia and cameos from Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Cindy Crawford.

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