An unlikely bunch of characters came together during a stock standard cold and brutal Melbourne winter in 2010, and King Parrot was born.

Made up of the more uncompromising members of some of Australia’s best underground rock
and metal bands, King Parrot have become one of the most lethal and extreme acts to come out of Australia in years.

Some two years later, a few mid‐show glassing’s from the audience, several national tours and too many hours confined to a tour bus resulted in their debut long player, aptly titled Bite Your Head Off – and the album does just that.

Produced by Jason Fuller (Blood Duster, Dern Rutlidge) at Goatsound studios, King Parrot have managed to capture the intensity of their live shows on tape – defying any genres and as the title suggests, destroys all in it’s path.

Bite Your Head Off was released on October 1st

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