Kate Millett joins Kat and Nick to chat about Blanke Knochen Opera's fresh take on the classic opera, Carmen.

Inspired by black-box theatre, BK Opera aims to strip back opera to its emotional core, providing a minimalist take on the extravagance usually associated with the artform.

In their debut production of Carmen, the heart of the story is reinterpreted for a modern audience. With the current epidemic of domestic violence, slut shaming and victim blaming in our culture, this is not the traditional view of Carmen as a femme fatale. Don José is no longer the eager to please ingenue transfixed by the seductress. He leads himself down the path to temptation through a misplaced sense of entitlement.

Blanke Knochen Opera will be raising money throughout their performances for local domestic violence shelters through the sale of white roses that the audience is invited to throw on the body of Carmen in the final scene.

Lust. Obsession. Death.

Wednesday 5 October 8pm
Friday 7 October 8pm
Sunday 9 Oct 1pm

9-11 Dawson Street
$30 | $25
More info here