Sat 16 Apr 2011

Internationally renowned multi-lingual folk musicians Kardeş Türküler will be touring Australia in April for concerts in Melbourne and Sydney.

Kardeş Türküler provide a musical perspective to the notion of “fraternity of people. Striving to interpret the folk songs of Anatolia, Thrace and Mesopotamia in their original tongue, Kardeş Türküler is also an expression of the hope for the fraternal co-existence of Anatolian people within a multicultural landscape.

With extensive research of folk songs of people from different languages and beliefs living in Anatolia and the surrounding areas, compositions based on traditional songs and forms are interpreted in accordance with Group’s own unique musical arrangement.

The origins of Kardeş Türküler dates back to a concert project in 1993 organized by the Boğaziçi University Folklore Club. The repertoire for the concert included Turkish, Kurdish, Azerbaijani and Armenian folk songs. The Group’s repertoire was subsequently extended over the years to also include Laz, Georgian, Romany, Macedonian, and Alevi folk songs.

Since their inception Kardeş Türküler has performed over 400 concerts in Turkey and Europe. The Group has also participated in cultural and arts festivals throughout the world sharing the stage with many prominent artists from diverse backgrounds and cultures in a joint effort to symbolize collective peace through art. The Group’s first album titled “Kardeş Türküler” was released in 1997, and the Group since have produced a total of six albums including two sound tracks.