Mon 27 Apr 2020 to Sun 3 May 2020

JK Group are a powerhouse nu-jazz band fronted by Melbourne saxophonist Josh Kelly, best known for his work with future soul-jazz collective, 30/70, and being the 2019 PBS Young Elder of Jazz recipient. They sit in the crossover of raw, live jazz and electronic/dance production.

At times synth-heavy, effected and soundscapey, while at other times hard hitting groove laden with spiritual jazz overtones and no-holds-barred improvising. Their sound nods respectfully to classic jazz traditions, whilst carving a path that unashamedly looks towards the future, embracing modern influences and production techniques.

Their debut release, The Young Ones sees Josh Kelly in full flight alongside longtime 30/70 collaborators, Matt Hayes and Ziggy Zeitgeist with keys player/producer Lewis Moody (Z*F*E*X, Sex on Toast).

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Paul Kelly - 'Hummin' To Myself'

Paul Kelly - Hummin' To Myself (Official Video)

messy mammals - 'Dreamland'

Taylah Carroll - 'I'm Not Sold'

ORCHA - 'Atlas'

On Diamond - 'The Purple Palace (Lisa Salvo Remix)'

Junior Fiction - 'The Same Dream'

Elizabeth Fader - 'Encore'

Elizabeth Fader - Encore

Bananagun - 'People Talk Too Much'

Xylouris White - 'Only Love'