Mon 2 Mar 2020 to Sun 8 Mar 2020

Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters - Hammered

12 months after releasing 'It All Comes Down' & fresh from a month-long European jaunt, Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters return with the band's fourth LP 'Hammered', an album of raw, soulful Australian pub punk. 

Recorded live and in one day at Bakehouse Studios, they recall the early sound of the Replacements at their not quite, but almost sloppiest, or the raucous punk soul of the Saints, with their wall of sound guitars, blasts of unruly saxophone and droning organ. Beneath the veneer of noise and discordant guitar leads, Briggs' songwriting shines though for what it is: honest, raw and infectious. 'Hammered' distills the Heaters strongest sensibilities into a cohesive, ripping and melodic garage-punk record. 

Out via Grubby Publications Thursday March 5. 

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