Mon 6 Dec 2021

In February 2018, Melbourne art prog innovators Jaala performed a captivating set in front of a live audience on Elle Young’s Monday drive show Headhunters. The performance was part of PBS' 2018 Drive Live and the trio delivered a heartfelt and gentle set of songs that we are pleased to revisit in December on Homebrew

Jaala’s recently released new album Gap Tooth is a departure from the band’s 2018 sound. Hombrew’s Kurt Eckardt says that he's looking forward to revisiting their Drive Live session “with the new material as a frame of reference.” 

Kurt remembers the first time he saw Jaala perform. He recalls:

"It was in a small club in Brisbane and everyone there knew we were watching something special. There were jagged edges to the music, but it still rolled and carried melodies that were sometimes hidden and sometimes right there in front of you. I've loved watching the band move through different sounds and approaches to music, and Jaala's new album has surprised me once again, showing the brilliance of their songwriting and talent.” 

Tune in to Homebrew on Monday December 6 when we revisit Jaala’s 2018 Drive Live set in its entirety.   

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