Junkyard presenter Michael Mulholland is a big Hugo Race fan and it’s not hard to see why. A prolific musician, Hugo Race has been active since the late 1970s as a member of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and The Wreckery with Nick Barker and Robin Casinader.


He founded his own groups from the early 1980s, developing a sound that has been described as an "aggravating style of jazzy no-wave noise". This is a style that he would continue to refine during his stints overseas and then consequently upon his return to Australia in 2011. By that time, he had joined forces with Antonio Gramentieri and Diego Sapignoli from the Italian instrumental band, Sacri Cuori, forming a new band called Hugo Race Fatalists. 


From October 2013 he was simultaneously a member of Hugo Race and the True Spirit, Hugo Race Fatalists, and Dirtmusic. But it was on September 19, 2013, that Hugo Race Fatalists came in to PBS to record a live set in Studio 5. It was a cracking set. Michael Mulholland recalls:


“This was the first time I had presented Hugo Race on Junkyard and it was the first of six times so far that I have featured Hugo on my show. Later this year there is a new True Spirit album due out, and we are hoping that we can again feature Hugo live in Studio 5 presenting the new album.” 


It will be truly wonderful when we are able to invite musicians to record live sessions in Studio 5. But in the meantime, we can relive such great moments of live music by tuning in to PBS. We are replaying that live session from 2013 on Junkyard on July 16, so make sure you join us. You don’t want to miss it!  


Tune in to Junkyard on Thursday July 16 to revisit Hugo Race Fatalists' Studio 5 Live session. Studio 5 Live is proudly supported by Mountain Goat.