Sun 10 May 2020
Anybody who regularly listens to the various PBS jazz shows would know that the future of the idiom is very bright here in Melbourne.  Before the lockdown our clubs, bars and venues were humming with contemporary jazz in myriad styles and genres.  Importantly in recent times our scene has been driven by the energy and creativity of a new generation of instrumentalists. 


Early on Saturday May 11, 2019 three of Melbourne’s finest young players set up in Studio 5 at PBS and played a set of progressive jazz on PBS’s longest running jazz program Jazz on Saturday.  The Flora Carbo Trio features Maddison Carter behind the drumkit, Isaac Gunnoo plays bass, and the project is led by saxophonist and composer Flora Carbo. 


Typically this time of year is Melbourne’s ‘jazz season’ as we head into the Stonnington and Melbourne International Jazz Festivals.  This year will be very different and the clubs and venues will remain silent for a few more months. 


In the meantime you can turn on PBS at 8pm on Sunday May 10 as Dizzy Atmosphere re-visits the session the Flora Carbo Trio played exclusively for PBS.