Don't miss Homebrew Monday May 6 when Melbourne's after-dark pop darlings FERLA join us for a live in-studio performance. Having recently released their long-awaited debut album It's Personal, the band perform a special Studio 5 Live session amid the album tour.

Titled It's Personal because it is indeed, personal. A post break-up album which condeses a tumultuous year of Giuliano Ferla's life into 50 minutes of music and lyrics.

Check out their new track 'I'm Fine' below. Described by the band as 'a song that is about not being fine at all'; it's a dance party for the heartbroken, when being in the presence of other people's love and romance makes you sick to the stomach. 

Listen back to Homebrew Monday May 6 to catch Ferla's Studio 5 Live session. Proudly brought to you by Mountain Goat.

Cover image by Kalindy Williams.