Tue 31 Aug 2021

Regular Tuesday night listeners would be aware that the last few months have been a pretty amazing time in the life of Ruby Soho. In late May Ruby gave birth to a happy and healthy baby girl and in true legend style even managed to call through to Erica Dunn on-air at PBS after the contractions had started!  Just 6 weeks later Ruby was back on the airwaves with Zak the Rat co-hosting Garageland, and popping out for a quick breast-feed in between brackets. Truly a radio rock Goddess!

Sadly, the time has come for Ruby to spend more time at home with her family, and with her work and study, and she’ll be hanging up the headphones and closing up the garage Tuesday August 31 from 8pm. Garageland has been a long journey for Ruby and in recent years PBS has had the great pleasure of also hearing co-hosts Shellpac Dingo and Zak the Rat on Tuesday nights.  So, with a heavy heart this Tuesday night we’ll hear one last Garageland as Ruby and Zak share the love, share the tunes and inevitably spend a final two hours helping to fuel the love revolution.

Tune in to Garageland one last time Tuesday August 31 between 8pm and 10pm as we farewell a PBS institution.