Mon 5 Jul 2021
Music is an artform that has a unique capacity to communicate.  When the messages are powerful, and the performance compelling, an awful lot can be communicated in a relatively short time.  And so it was when DRMNGNOW took over Studio 5 for a set of just 3 songs for Drive Live 2019.  Led by vocalist Neil Morris, DRMNGNOW make music that focuses on, and celebrates indigenous culture, spirituality and power in the face of adversity. 

As we head into NAIDOC Week it seems a perfect time to re-visit this set.  Morris, a Yorta Yorta man powerfully mixes hip-hop vocals above a soulful mix of beats, didj, percussion and sublime backing vocals from Kee’ahn Bin Dol.  The intimacy of this three-song set immediately enveloped the gathered PBS punters who sat, and stood attentively to every word, every note and importantly every message.   

DRMNGNOW’s set for Drive Live 2019 was a session to dance to, to listen to, to be inspired by and perhaps even to be challenged by.  Those are all very good reasons for PBS to re-wind back to February 2019 and once again hear DRMNGNOW in Studio 5.