Sun 4 Sep 2022

Data Entry is a new trio formed by drummer/composer Luke Andresen, featuring Bernard Alexander (alto saxophone) and Sam Anning (electric bass). They debuted at a presentation by the Melbourne Jazz Co-operative at The Jazzlab on Sunday June 5, 2022.

Luke created compositions with these musicians and instrumentation in mind, which explore the juxtaposition of compositional influences such as Duke Ellington, Ornette Coleman and John Hollenbeck in a contemporary trio setting, reminiscent of groups like Happy Apple, Refuge Trio and KCL (Wayne Krantz, Keith Carlock & Tim Lefebvre).

These compositions give consideration to the uncomfortable circumstances surrounding the COVID lockdowns in Melbourne and the period of reflection that was imposed upon most artists around this time, using each musician’s unique music voice as a catalyst for excitement, composition and as a launching pad for improvisation.

The Co-op also presented Scott van Gemert's Unbroken Trio on the night, with both sets recorded for later broadcast on PBS, as part of the ongoing celebration of the MJC's 40th anniversary and its special relationship with the station. The recording of Unbroken Trio's concert was featured on Dizzy Atmosphere on August 7, and on Sunday September 4, Data Entry's set will be featured on the program from 8pm - tune in!

This concert was recorded for the MJC and PBS by Myles Mumford, with the support of PBS Business Patron, Vorticity Music.