This week on State of the Art, Roger will discuss Ken and Julia Yonetani’s exhibition Crystal-Palace at Fehily Contemporary Gallery -3a Glasshouse Road, Collingwood.
This was the key attraction at the Singapore Biennale. The artists produced the work in response to the Fukushima Nuclear reactor disaster of 2011.
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Their work , The Last Suppermarket was specially conceived for the Melbourne Art Fair. A large-scale interactive and immersive installation, complete with a fully functional supermarket where every item was sculpted out of deathly white salt. The use of salt directly related to the ongoing environmental problem of salinity

Visitors were given a shopping basket and invited to browse shelves filled with products priced per kilo, by the bunch or per item. At the cash register, items were weighed, costs calculated and the goods then wrapped. The Last Suppermarket gradually emptied over the course of the fair.

Also being discussed is the Spring 1883, at the Windsor Hotel Melbourne, an art fair of a different kind, with participating galleries exhibiting works in various suites throughout the hotel.

Roger also discussed Patrick Pound humorous work "The Collector" ,17 editions of John Fowles' The Collector piled together. Patrick's Gallery of Air was a stand-out at Melbourne Now at the NGV Federation Sq. earlier this year. & Julia Yonetani.jpg